Real Estate Valuation


Property valuation follows the existing regulations in Portugal for each different objective. If there are no standards suitable for the purpose of the valuation, we use the international standards of the organizations in which their members are registered (RICS and TEGoVA).

The Real Estate valuation is based on the following methodology:

  • Analysis of the asset to be valued
  • Analysis of the physical conditions of the property and its surroundings
  • Analysis of the social, economic and urban conditions of the environment
  • Reconciliation of the elements identified in the survey with the provided documentation
  • Selection of the Value Concept and Appraisal Method to be used according to the purpose of the appraisal and the collected information
  • Report Delivery and Analysis
  • Follow-up for further clarification


The Real estate valuation work will start after a period of 5 working days after supplying all the requested information. In the case of the properties information need to be collected from official entities by the appraiser, this period is limited to the date on which the information is provided. We will proceed with diligence to reduce this period to the minimum.